“In this world of mass marketing the individual is sometimes lost. On my trip to Africa for 10 weeks this never occurred … my every wish became a reality”


Tanzania – the land of the beautiful Kilimanjaro and the “cradle of mankind”. From the sweeping Serengeti to the fabled spice islands of Zanzibar this land of vast spaces, dramatic volcanoes and the starting point of the great migration is as diverse and spectacular a region as it is possible to find. A kaleidoscope of images are evoked, herds of zebra, wildebeest and gazelles stretching to infinity under pearlescent skies, a cheetah walking though the dry grass and the silhouette of a proud Masai who stands out on the horizon. All these images reflect the beauty of a single country – Tanzania. It is a land of diversity and boundless fascination. From the vast lakes of the interior to the turquoise blue waters of the Indian Ocean, from north to south, the country is a mosaic of tropical forests, savannahs, grasslands, lakes and vast plains containing the largest concentrations of wildlife in the world.