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“In this world of mass marketing the individual is sometimes lost. On my trip to Africa for 10 weeks this never occurred … my every wish became a reality”


Lake Naivasha & Lake Baringo

Lake Naivasha, one of the few freshwater lakes in the Great Rift Valley, is a delightful lake at the foot of the dormant Longonot volcano, 60 miles (96 kms) from Nairobi. It is one of a string of lakes formed as a result of the geological upheaval that ruptured the tectonic plates, giving birth to this famous valley. Naivasha is a great place for bird lovers with over 300 recorded species including waders, raptors, martins and many others that can be seen from a boat along the shores of the lake. It is also the location of the George & Joy Adamson foundation known for their pioneering studies of lion relocation and their lifetime work in conservation and for the well known book and film “Born Free”.

Lake Baringo, the other freshwater lake in the Rift Valley is embedded into a range of hills and mountains and is bordered on the west by the Tugen hills. Olkokwe, the main island is inhabited by fishermen and has a lodge. The Njemps people, related to the both the Masai and Samburu and numbering less than 9,000 live in this area. Lake Baringo is well known for its many Osprey and African Fish Eagles which, with their incredible fish catching allow for some spectacular photographic shots. Host to a variety of birdlife as well as families of hippo and crocodile, the lake has a warm but pleasant climate and boat trips around the shores are a great way to discover the birdlife.