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“In this world of mass marketing the individual is sometimes lost. On my trip to Africa for 10 weeks this never occurred … my every wish became a reality”


Mobile camps are the true, traditional and the best way to really appreciate the wildlife and stunning environment of the African bush. These camps are, as the name implies, mobile. They are put into place for your particular group and will be removed after you have left, leaving no trace. The entire camp and its staff are there just for you and your friends or family.

We use private areas for the camps in some of the most beautiful and wild places in East Africa so that you can enjoy the unique tranquility of East Africa’s wilderness. The camps are fully and luxuriously equipped with large en-suite tents and comfortable furniture. Our staff includes, in addition to your safari guide, waiters, barmen, tent attendants and of course cooks to prepare the most delicious meals, re-creating the ambience of the old time hunting safaris of times past.

With its privileged access to private areas, away from other people and its exclusiveness, luxury mobile camping is one of the few remaining indulgences for the discerning.