“In this world of mass marketing the individual is sometimes lost. On my trip to Africa for 10 weeks this never occurred … my every wish became a reality”


Meru National Park

Meru National Park located east of Mount Kenya and the Nyambeni hills is a very beautiful wilderness reserve covering an area of 335 sq miles (870 sq km) and offering an amazing array of landscapes. In the west, grassland dotted with woodlands extends to the volcanic hills where there is permanent water. In the east, the red earth is covered with savannah watered by three rivers, the biggest and most attractive being the Rojewero. The contrast between the areas of open grasslands with acacia, doum palms and tamarind trees to the forests and swamps is dramatic with the rainfall in the western area of the park being twice that of the eastern section. The Tana River borders the park and there are some beautiful water falls before the river flows on its natural course to the Indian Ocean. George Adamson, the famous naturalist (of Elsa the lioness fame) lived in this park and the adjacent Kora Reserve for many years.