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Samburu National Reserve

Samburu, Shaba and Buffalo Springs are three adjoining national reserves in north eastern Kenya. This area, often known as the Northern Frontier District or NFD is a great expanse of semi-desert with rocky hills and beautiful blue and isolated mountain ranges that rise up abruptly from the hot arid plains. It is dotted with doum palm clumps and sand rivers. Samburu, Shaba and Buffalo Springs cover a total 202 sq miles (523 sq km) This harsh environment is the home of the nomadic Gabra, Somali and Samburu tribes who exist by herding sheep, goats and camels. The area is transacted by two major rivers, the Tana and the Ewaso Nyiro, the former flowing into the Indian Ocean while the latter evaporates into the Lorian Swamp. The reserve is rich with wildlife; elephant, buffalo, cheetah, leopard, lion, Grants gazelle, gerenuks, crocodile, dik dik and some rarer northern species such as the Grevy’s zebra, beisa oryx, reticulated giraffe and Somali ostrich. There is an abundance of birdlife, particularly raptors.